Fast Field Definition Mode

In order to make the data field creation process faster we created the Fast Field Definition Mode. It will be found on the Form panel.
A the end of this Tutorial you will find a video with all the steps.    
Fast Field Definition Button
After clicking on the Fast Field Definition Button the cursor will change to "Send text to: Select field name".
"Send text to: Select Field name" cursor.
Select the desired text by holding the left mouse button and dragging the cursor creating an area around the desired word. Release the left mouse button and it will open the Insert Field Name window where you can edit the new Data Field name.
Insert Field Name window.
Click OK to create the new Data Field using the captured text from your documents.
In this video you will see how to create fields using fast creation mode (F9)
Fast creation mode allows you to select the new field name from the OCR text and then create the OCR zone.
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