Barcodes & Patch Codes

Barcodes & Patch Codes
A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached. (Wikipedia).
Barcodes are optimized to be safe and quickly readable, use it whenever you can to read the data stored on it.
Patch Codes are a type of Barcode that are commonly used to send commands to the program, such as end of document, number of pages per document, or scan depth change. Which will use PatchCodes to set data for the documents scanned after it (for example set document type or other fields to a value).

Read Barcodes from


1. Read Barcodes from
Read barcodes of any type

Process Captured Data

2. Process Captured Data
Set barcode read to input fields, you can validate or split the barcode in multiples fields or even check it with an external database.
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